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Program Aim

With excellent services of customized butler-style, we arrange trips to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies for high-end tourists. You will enjoy luxury pleasure, materially and spiritually, through featured road trip, spectacular landscape, castle-style hotel, village gourmet shopping, hot spring in the snow mountain and forest adventures.

Scenic Spot Features

Being the first national forest natural park in Canada, Banff National Park nested in the southwestern area of the Canadian Rockies, and is renowned for the natural beauty that "can rival that of fifty Switzerland's". Within the scenic spot, you can view mountains covered with permanent snow, lush coniferous forests, broad valleys, vast blue sky, lucid streams as well as architectures of exquisite European style.


  1. Driving luxury SUV while enjoying the beautiful natural landscape of National Park in the Rockies along the road. Immerging to the beauty of the peacock blue lake and white snow mountains, the tourists will be impressed by the splendid nature.


2. Accommodation in a classic castle-style hotel of Fairmont Hotel Group --Chateau Lake Louise, a world legacy built between late 1800s and early 1900s.



3. Viewing Louis Lake

Louis Lake is located 55 kilometers to the northwest of Banff Town in the Canadian Rockies, and is the most beautiful one among numerous lakes in the Rockies. Surrounded by luxuriant trees, the lake is embraced by fresh air and has a spectacular landscape.

To the north of the lake rises a snow mountain—Queen Victoria Mountain (3464 meters). The mountain is covered with snow all year round, glittering and translucent, while the water of the lake is from the melting snow. The lake is crystal-clear in the sunshine; tourists can walk along the lake breathing pure and fresh air, just like walking in a beautiful landscape painting. Lauded as an emerald in Victoria Ice Field, the lake is a national treasure and is named after the Princess Louis, the daughter of Queen Victoria.



4. Romantic Banff Town

Banff Town is located at the foot of the Rockies, to the west of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. It is a town with a tranquil environment, convenient transportation and cozy life. Banff Park is also noted as the most ancient national park in Canada. During the summer, with green lakes, silver-gray mountains, white peaks, and golden sunshine, Banff is like a colorful oil painting; the winter is even more attractive, and you can closely observe wild animals or enjoy the fun of skiing.


5. Enjoying Outdoor Hot Spring




6. Wild Hunting

Hunting in Canada is an expensive and luxurious activity. There are lots of private hunting grounds in Banff and Calgary, which cover an extensive area spreading from eastern Rockies to the Pacific Ocean. Private hunting grounds are among the hunting fields regulated by government, with the largest piece of 1700 acres and the smallest one of about 400 acres. There are hunting camps with full equipment, such as comfortable cabins for hunters to live, with a wash room, kitchen, a small dining hall, small living room and recreational facilities. It's especially suitable for retreat and relaxation.

The hunting grounds are surrounded by beautiful rippling lakes, which are the paradise of Canadian salmon and birds. During the break of hunting, you can fish in the lake. Among them, the Peach Lake is one the route that migrate birds will go through, leaving multitudes of fowl and birds for you to hunt.

Two Ways of Hunting:

A.Based on the camp. Within 150 square acres around the hunting ground, and can only shoot the government-permitted preys. It is a more comfortable way, but may provide limited animals to hunt. During the spare time, you can go boating or fishing in nearby lakes or enjoy other activities. It is suitable for casual hunting.

B.Hunting preys you're interested in within special hunting grounds. The living and food standard is equal to that of private hunting grounds, while you will have more choices of preys. It usually lasts between 3-5 days and is suitable for hunting enthusiasts.