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For the second city of the world’s oldest surviving ancient civilianization, Shanghai is surprisingly new. It is a port city where the Yangtze River empties into the East China Sea. The area was marshland until refugees from Mongol and other northern nomad invasions settled in the area. The city boomed as the focus of Chinese colonial trade co-existed, albeit uneasily, with Western power for almost a century.

Colonialism is visible in the period architecture in the French Concession, as well as the grand old buildings – the Customs House, Peace Hotel and Shanghai Club – along the grand parade of the waterfront Bund.

Its Orient Pearl Tower is the symbol of the city and its regeneration has brought a backwater area, previously wasteland and slums, into line with the change on the western bank of the Huangpu River.

Shanghaiis the economic powerhouse of China’s modernization and is pitching to replace Hong Kong as its financial and maritime trade center.