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Business Trip Management

1) Vehicle Renting

We have a whole range of business vehicle option for your use. Our drivers all have many year’s driving experience, high professional quality, and the knowledge of business etiquette. Some drivers can speak basic English to communicate with the guest directly.

We have multiple approaches and flexible strategy for team arrival’s airport pick-up. Our team dose not miss any detail. We aim to receive every guest and transfer them to the hotel or other location safely and comfortably.
2) Airport VIP Guest Reception
We can arrange simplified procedure for VIP guest’s arrival. The VIP guest can enjoy private guidance, D/P lane, VIP rest room and does need to wait in line. Luggage will be carried for the guest, and the car can wait in the closest parking lot.
3) Sight-seeing
We make tailored sight-seeing or business visit route for organizations and individuals abroad and at home. You will be accompanied by capable and professional guide and enjoy the private service, which is not possible in a regular tour group. This will create a memorable experience beyond your expectation.
4) Business Entourage
Our professional and caring entourage can provide thoughtful guidance service for you to make sure you easily arrive at the destination. Meanwhile they can assist in the interpretation for your communication.  
5) Ticket Booking
We provide flight/train/performance ticket booking with delivery-to-door service. All costs can be settled together at the end for your convenience.
6) Visa Application
On behalf you, we can deal with airport stranding, visa expiration, visa replacement caused by all kinds of reasons.