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An early morning transfer to the airport for a 1 hour and 40 minutes flight to Xian, one of the most important cradles of civilization.

The magnificent and grandiose Xian city Wall was constructed in the early Ming Dynasty on the basis of the Imperial City of Chang An (Everlasting Peace) of the Tang Dynasty.  It is also a symbol of treat significance of the famous historic cultural city of Xian.  One of the features of the Xian Wall lies in the fact that it has been preserved intact,

Which is rarely seen in the world.  Uncovered in 1974 by peasants digging a well, the terra cotta warriors and Xian’s greatest and most important attraction.  The first emperor of the Qin Dynast, Qin Shi Huangdi, ordered the making of the warriors.  During his reign, he undertook military programs to the far comers of the known world.  The estimated 8,000 terra cotta soldiers are a testament to his power and megalomania.

In the main and most impressive vault, the figures are arranged in typical battle formation in 11 columns comprised of officers, soldiers holding spears and swords and others steering horse-drawn chariots.   Each figure is 5’10” tall and each head has been individually modeled with unique facial expressions.