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About Hi-light



With the rapid development of China, the unlimited business opportunities in this country have been increasingly recognized. It requires various business activities and events to develop these opportunities to reality. Choosing a qualified ground service company is a critical factor for the success of a business event.


Founded in 2008, Hi-light International Commercial Service stands out for our one-stop comprehensive business services. We can take care of the arrangements of all your complicated business activities during your stay, which will allow you to focus on your core business goals without worrying about any logistics details. Our professional and rigorous approaches will provide a full range of solutions for your activities and guarantee a smooth process.


Our business concept comes from the industry of DMC, Destination Management Company, while incorporates the ides resource management, which is extremely important in China. We focus on the needs of business people and provide systematical service with international standards. The emerging sector “international service trade” indicates that our work is gradually recognized. We are very proud to lead and contribute to this sector.