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International Communication
1) International and Domestic Business Trip
With our abundant resources and long-time partnership with a great number of companies, organizations, and government departments, we can assist in the arrangement of your business visit or investigation, including topic design and background material editing. We are willing to share the resource for your success.
2) Internship for International Students
In recent years, more and more internal students want to stay in China to work after their study with the increasing business opportunities. However, the lack of local resources makes them difficult to find internship or work opportunity. We can introduce proper opportunities for you to find a position to realize your value. Meanwhile we will conduct all the personnel procedures so you do not need to worry about the communication and issues involved.
3) Design and Organize Team Building Activities
We offer creative team building activities and incorporate local characters to the proposal. During the activity you can work together towards the common purpose, improve the team relationship and strength.