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Conference Service

1) Venue Recommendation and Reservation

With abundant experiences in hotel and exhibition sector, our event management team can recommend most suitable venues according to the location and budget requirement of the client. We also provide suggestions about pros and cons of each venue recommended and assist with pricing negotiation and reservation.
2) Conference Venue Decoration
(Including design and production of conference panels, installment of the AV, Lighting, and Hi-Fi equipment, and assigning technical support staff)
We provide professional design and decoration service based on the specific condition of different venues. Lightening and sound effect can be customized in order to reflect the themes of the conference, create a harmonious atmosphere, as well as highlight the strength and image of the enterprise.
3) Office Equipment Renting
For a conference that lasts long, the most convenient option for the organizer is to build a temporary office for the work team close to the conference venue. We provide all needed office equipment here and can assign IT maintainers to solve all your technical problems, so that you can significantly improve the work efficiency. 
4) Invitation and Registration of Attendants
We have the organization list including government departments, institutes, as well as international and domestic companies, and the ability of invitation.
We have a reliable work procedure from list target attendants to the estimate and evaluation of the number before the conference. We repeatedly remind and confirm the invitees through various ways including call, email, fax, express mail, text message, etc, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the invitee number and the expected outcome of the conference.
5) Media Invitation and Exclusive Interview Arrangement
We can invite relevant media to attend the conference and/or have an exclusive interview with the distinguished guest. The report can include the company or event introduction and be published on various media to promote the company’s image.
6) Conference Reception
In addition to arranging professional reception personnel, we also offer the service to provide equipment according to the need, such as nametag printer, printer, computer, fax machine, wifi/3G network, etc. We offer the suggestions on site-seeing and entertainment from the guests and can arrange if needed. We also assist the guests to book tickets, cars, and change the booking. By providing these service the conference reception desk will expand to an information service center.
7)Conference Security Personnel and Measures
Some special conference or events requires the use of security measures. Bodyguard, police car escort, security equipment are all available for you to choose.
8) Hotel Accommodation Arrangements
We provide systematic and professional hotel accommodation sheet to simplify the complicated work. We work closely with the hotel to make sure every guest has a delighted arrival. Special welcome can be arranged for VIP guests.
9) Banquet and Catering Arrangements
One of the uniqueness of our service is to hold grand banquet at all kinds of special venues, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Great hall of the People, museums, aquariums, TV tower, etc. We are able to find any venue you can image. With the experience and execution of our team on catering management, we can make sure your China dream becomes reality and worth the trip.
We also have a strong supplier database, including the introduction and pictures of high-end restaurants, so that you can find ideal options for your events at home.
10) Performance
From traditional Chinese art to modern performance, we can arrange various special art performance for your visual pleasure.
11) Printing and Gift Production
Customized design, sophisticated production, and highly responsible monitoring measures can guarantee the quality and completion of the products and save your effort.